I Lost the Keys to my Lock. How do I Access my Storage Unit?

If you’ve misplaced your keys, we would love to help! Our maintenance team has the right experience to cut off your lock. Please reach out to us during normal business hours to request to have your lock removed. We charge a nominal fee for this service of $80, which is due at the time the service is requested. Once we initiate the process, our team will remove your lock and safely secure your door with a temporary combination lock. You will be notified once this service has been completed, typically within 5 business days. We kindly ask that you visit the facility as soon as possible, after your lock was removed, to secure your unit with your own lock and return our combination lock. Combination locks can be returned to the ‘Lock Box’ at the entrance gate of Sherman Self Storage. There is a $25 fee if the combination lock is not returned. 

If you prefer, you may hire a local, insured locksmith to remove the lock. You will need to schedule this service with the locksmith and then notify our staff at (231)683-2003 of the: date, time and locksmith’s contact information. It will be your responsibility to securely lock your unit after the locksmith has completed the job.

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