How Do I Cancel My Rental?

Canceling a rental is easy too! With our month to month agreement, you can cancel anytime.

To cancel, the unit must be cleaned, emptied and left unlocked. Our staff cannot inspect the unit if it is locked and therefore will reinstate the rental if the unit is found locked or with contents still in the unit.  We do not prorate the final month of rent. You have until 11:59 P.M. on the final day of the month to cancel, no advanced notice is required. To terminate your rental simply log into your account at  From the home page: Choose to ‘View’ the Unit you’d like to cancel. Select ‘Cancel Rental’. You’ll be asked to confirm you’ve emptied the unit and left it unlocked. Once you confirm, you’ll receive an email confirmation reflecting the cancelation. Our staff will inspect the unit within 5 business days, you will receive one final confirmation that your agreement is fully terminated. If the unit is found unclean, we will charge $50 to the credit card on file. 

If you need assistance with canceling your rental, please contact us at (231)683-2003.

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