Tips and Rules for Car Storage

At Sherman Self Storage, we offer car storage at a competitive price. Storing a car at our facility can be a great alternative to storing your vehicle outside during the winter. It will keep the car safe from the elements, Although car storage is an option we provide, there are a few guidelines and rules for properly storing a car at our facility. 

Standard sized cars and trucks are typically stored in a 10×20 storage unit, which is the size of a single stall garage. Check out our current car storage pricing for a 10×20 unit on our storage rental page.

The vehicle should be in running condition, or stored on a trailer. Vehicles cannot be towed to the facility. 

Prior to storing your vehicle, be sure to wash and wax the exterior. A vehicle cover is also highly recommended anytime you’re storing a car of truck. It’s also recommended that you vacuum the interior to avoid attracting pests. 

1. We require that you place a large piece of cardboard or tarp under the car to assure there will not be damage to the storage unit cement floor. In the case of an accidental leak, we recommend cleaning the area with an oil cleaner like Goof Off Concrete Cleaner and Oil Stain Remover. 

2. You must be able to provide current registration and proof of insurance to Sherman Self Storage. 

3. Working on your car while stored at our facility is strictly prohibited. 

4. We recommend checking and driving the vehicle every month while in storage.

5. You are responsible for the contents of your unit, so be sure not to share your gate code or give anyone a key to your storage unit lock or your car. 


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